How To Entertain Your Cat While At Work

Leaving your cat alone when you go to work may be one of the hardest things to do as a pet owner. You wonder what your cat is doing all day. The thought of your fur baby being bored or missing you might make you feel bad. Don’t worry because I have good news! Cats sleep 12-16 hours a day so more than likely your cat is curled up in their favorite spot dreaming about climbing trees and catching mice. For the other 8-12 hours your cat is awake you can create a simulating and fun environment for them.


Climbing Towers

More than you think you know, cats love to run and climb. While outdoor cats have the opportunity of climbing actual trees and running through the woods, your indoor cat does not.  Providing tall towers and climbing surfaces for your cat will not only entertain them but will also allow them to get the exercise they need to stay fit.

Interactive Toys

Cats are natural hunters, they loveee chasing mice and bugs. Interactive toys that are constantly moving provide a similar experience for hunting. You can find many affordable interactive toys on Amazon that will entertain your cat for hours.


Food Puzzle

Cats enjoy playing and eating food, so why not combine the two. Food puzzles allow a cat to work for their food while also being entertained and challenged. Food puzzles also provide exercise and stimulate problem solving skills. Click here to find a puzzle for your kitty.

One thought on “How To Entertain Your Cat While At Work

  1. fabiwilde says:

    As a cat owner I can totally understand your thoughts. It has been happen multiple times to me that I had to leave my cat alone at home for many hours. However, I also taught my cat to go outside. She can basically be outside for days by herself and I do not have to worry about her at all.


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